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These are the steps necessary to set up your BlackBerry for use on our Stevens Campus Network using 802.1x.

Please note that these instructions will only work with Blackberries that have Wi-Fi.


1. Go to the Manage Connections Icon on the BlackBerry Screen.

2. Select the icon and then go to Set Up Wi-Fi Network and then select Manually Add Network.

3. Type in the network name for the network you are trying to connect to then press add.

  • Type Stevens Student if you are a student.
  • Type Stevens if you are faculty/staff.
  • Type Stevens Guest if you are a guest with a Stevens Guest Wireless account.

4. Under Security, select LEAP.

5. Enter your Stevens username and Stevens password, then press Save.

Congratulations! You have succsessfully added your blackberry to the Stevens Wireless Network.

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